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Develop 10 times faster

Easily adaptable

Excellent system monitoring

Ability to view your process information



The maximization of efficiency and flexibility are hot topics on today’s business agenda. Optimizing your business, to avoid unnecessary costs, is a critical step in this process.

However the process of automating your business processes is an expensive and complex one. You know your own business processes like the back of your hand, but you do not have any programming experience, while your external programming expert has this programming experience, but does not know your business processes that well. On top of that, your external programming expert is very expensive. This is unfortunate, because your primary objective is to cut all this costs.

Would it not be so much better when you are able to automate this business processes by yourself. In this case, you are not forced to hire this expensive external programming expert. With this point of view we started to develop Processo, seven years ago. Characterized by easy, usefulness and simplicity, you can use Processo to automate your business processes, without writing a single line of programming code.

Processo offers you a variety of advantages:

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It goes without saying that you do not have to pay for something you do not use. We try to keep Processo as affordable as possible. The standard software can be extended with a variety of modules which offer much more functionality than comparative software in the market. Are you interested in a comparison? Please feel free to contact us.

With Processo you simply connect preprogrammed building blocks in order to automate your business processes, without a single code. These building blocks are thoroughly tested, which allows you to automate your business processes 10 times faster, without a single programming error.

Processo directly informs you, when an error detection occurs. For example, by sending an e-mail to your smartphone. Processo keeps an eye on your business processes, while you stay in control all the time.

You can create, activate and manage all flows on a digital drawing board, by simply connecting preprogrammed building blocks. All your created flows are stored in a central database. Backing up this database is sufficient to secure all these flows and corresponding process information.

Since your business and business environment are constantly changing, it is important that your automated processes are flexible and easily adaptable. With Processo you can easily make these changes yourself. This allows you to automate your processes and yet remain flexible, the perfect combination in a ever-changing market.

Nowadays many software products are based on the use of add-ons, so does Processo. This allows you to only purchase the part of Processo that you need. This makes Processo an affordable tool, which is fully matching your particular needs.

Through the use of preprogrammed building blocks and the automatic error detection, which Processo offers, your process is less error-prone.

Processo is characterized by its ease of use. On each screen you can get extra information by clicking on the information button. After the purchase we also send you a detailed manual. This all gives the use of Processo a very low learning curve.

The documentation of scripts is history due to Processo. All your programmed flows are listed and readily accessible. This allows you to actively manage, monitor or edit your created flows. The definition of a flow is equal to the documentation of it.

Hiring expensive external programming experts is history. With Processo you are able to perform these tasks easily by yourself.
Do not spend any time on checking outcomes and results of your business process. Processo keeps an eye on your automated process and automatically sends you a message when error detections occur.
Customizing your scripts and automated business processes is an easy and quick process. You are able to change these processes by simple move, delete or add your preprogrammed building blogs. Automate ten times faster, and save a lot of unnecessary costs.

Processo ensures that your processes are constantly clear and readily understandable. When someone in your organization fails due to illness or vacation, your automated processes are, due to Processo, easy to understand for the deputy.