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Ability to view your process information


Pim Taai

In 2004, I joint Oxolutions. We closely work together with our customers and we are specialized in custom software for Windows, websites, webshops and web-applications and the mutual integration of it. Since 2011 I am one of the users of Processo. Processo is a software product made by Oxolutions. Most of the time, I use Processo to automate repetitive business tasks, like backing-up our business data or processing our orders. I use Processo for linking systems with our customers systems as well. 

Processo is very user friendly. I experience working with Processo as convenient and fast. This results in a lot of time- and cost savings. I am also very pleased with the way Processo handles errors. When an error occurs, a notification is made automatically. Processo offers you the opportunity to directly receive this notification in your mailbox. This provides you the opportunity to directly see the error, the cause and the location where the error arose. Searching your log files to find the roots of a problem is history due to Processo

The way in which Processo automates your processes is clear and easy to understand. The rule of thumb in the software industry is that there are on average 15 bugs per 1000 lines of programming code. Since Processo uses preprogrammed building blocks, which have been tested thoroughly, you can undoubtedly avoid these errors. 

Another characteristic of Processo is its payback time. I use Processo at a daily basis and it saves me a significant amount of money and time. Creating a flow is fairly simple and after you have installed Processo you can directly automate your processes. Additionally, I am really convinced that Processo reduces your business risks. Automated processes are less risky than manual tasks. It notices me how many tasks in organizations are still executed manually, while an error in these tasks has a direct impact on the revenue. Automating these tasks using Processo seriously reduces this risk.

The integration between our applications is increased. As a result of improved integrations, the number of failures has greatly diminished. On top of that we are able to serve our customers much faster, so we can carry out all kind of custom projects within the budget of our clients. There are examples of projects that are completed, while the customer waited. This is a phenomenon which is truly unique in the software industry.


Pim Taai